Two new drives launched at Zagreb Association of Blind Persons

Zagreb Association of Blind Persons has over 1200 members for which it helps to establish a normal lifestyle despite their severe disability.

The Association was founded in 1947. when a group of young blind persons decided to improve their quality of life. The goal of the Association is to integrate their members into society, and train them how to live on their own, maximally exploiting other capacities. A special care is applied to increase the rate of employment among members, since the blind have a very hard time finding a befitting job in the job market. Projects are run in this capacity so that the members can be offered additional skills and knowledge in order to increase their employment.
To develop a new vocation for the members of Zagreb Association of Blind Persons, in 2014. an idea to start a new social entrepreneurship project came to mind in which the unemployed members of the Association would make bars of soap. During 2015. from this idea a project was created by the name of „Soap with Dots“. After carefull preparations, the production line will be launched by the end of 2016. Three members of the Association who have up till now been unemployed will be given a chance to work on the project. The bars of soap will be manufactured in the premises of the former „Zagrepčanka“ factory, which will have to be thoroughly refurbished and adapted to their needs.
The second action which will be launched in Zagreb Association of Blind Persons is the process of acquiring donations for a Braille printer. Braille is one of the simbols we immediately associate with the blind. The printer is an essential piece of equipement in the Association and it greatly increases the quality of life for the blind. Since it is a very complex piece of machinery , it costs 48.000 kuna, which the Association can not afford with its modest funding.
in the spirit of corporate social responsibility, Apriori World has decided to help the members of Zagreb Association of Blind Persons. Understanding the potential of these drives, which promise a huge impact on the lives of the needy, the employes of Apriori have decided to use their expertise to see these drives through. So the drive „50 times 1000“ has a goal to collect funds for the Braille printer so that the Association can continue to offer its members books and texts in Braille.