Third Blogomanija is officially opened!

Third regional Blogomanija, named Fashion & Beauty, started today

Blogomanija Fashion & Beauty is event for professionals, media respresentatives, fashion, design and beauty lovers who with the help of the Internet and social networks fill their passion and make for a living.
At 10:15 the conference was opened by deputy of mayor, Mr. Zdravko Luketič who pointed that technology today is needed to everyone since makes life easier. Mr. Luketič said that people earlier lived with radio and television and today, they can follow everything by mobile phone, Internet and social networks. Exactly they facilitated contacts with loved ones and contributed to connecting people. Interesting is that Mr. Luketič has a profile on Facebook, so as his personal blog, but he says he didn't write anything because of the lack of time which spends to helping citizens of this Slovenian city.  
Jacky Zhao, regional director of Huawei for Serbia, wished a welcome to all guests andsaid that is a great honour to be at Blogomanija Fashion and Beauty. In 2014 Huawei become first Chinese company which was classified to Interbrand list The best 100 brands which is published by Business Wire. 
„Through the Internet, we want to watch and the female part of the audience, and that's why is called Fashion and Beauty. These topics were unfairly neglected, so this Blogomanija is just for you, ladies“, said Zoran Torbica, director of the conference. 
A few words said Veselin Jevrosimović as a representative of the largest Slovenian and Serbian software company – ComeTrade. Inspirational lecture titled "Business mythology" show the difference between the two types of companies – a unicorn and phoenix. 
„If you have money,  that don't mean anything. If you don't have knowledge, it is hard that you can do this job. Today, everything is full of IT business and you need vision to tell you in which direction you have to go with your company in the next five years. On our way, as a phoenix, we had a lot of ups and downs. I wanted to create a company which can achieve that world success. And slowly, I began to look for new business models, although we started as a hardware company. Today, whether you are buying a mobile phone or computer, almost certainly come from a ComeTrade“, said Veselin.
Blogomanija Fashion and Beauty will last until 12th June. The main topics are blogs, Internet marketing, earning money, success, popularity, pros and cons of the Internet.
You can find detail program HERE.