The success of all reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina depends on public relations

At the Hotel Hollywood in Sarajevo, under the motto closer to people, leading experts in public relations in public administration and public sector companies from BiH have gathered with a goal of exchanging knowledge and experiences.

Conference was opened by deputy mayor of Ilidža Municipality, Senaid Memić, Ph.D., coordinator for reform of public administration, Dragan Ćuzulan, Ph.D and on the behalf of the organisers, Josipa Terzić Rezić and Danijel Koletić, president of the Organizing board.
On this occassion, Deputy Mayor of City of Sarajevo, Mr. Milan Trivic has revealed: „Unfortunately, communications in our region are neglected and we pay atttention on it only when the problem happens. I have followed activities of London's Mayor and realised the advantages which managed continuous communications on social media result with. On the other hand, the level of communication in our region is very low.
As Deputy Mayor Milan Trivić pointed out, communication in our region is neglected and marginalized, and communication is only contemplated when the problem arises. Following the activities of the London Mayor, he noted the benefits of continuous communication of their administration on social networks, while in this area there is almost no such level of informing citizens.
International character of the conference was given by the lectures of two prominent communication experts; Alessandro Butticé, who has held numerous managing positions in the field of communications on the highest levels of EU, held a lecture on a subject: “The Importance of Transparent Communication in Public Administration and Public Sector Companies" and Simon Jones, Managing Director at Westco Ltd. and Chairman of Local Government Communications with lecture titled "The Power of Communications in Building Trust and Improving Lives".
With practical examples of communications experts from all over the region, topics which are discussed are: “Lesson on transparency – open budget challenge”, “Liders of the future”, “Improving the public sector image”, “Communication and public relations in public community” and “Using new media tools in public administration”. The topic “The new digital revolution – TAPOINT Contactless communication” will introduce new technologies which will improve the quality of life for citizens and functionality of public administration. 
Second edition of the conference Focus will also welcome Krešimir Macan, special advisor of the Prime minister of the Republic of Croatia for strategic communication, who will hold a lecture titled “We are here for you, not the other way around – How is PR changing public administration”.
The goal of Focus conference is to gather individuals working in public administration and public sector companies so they can discus about strategies, tactics and communication processes. Focus represents a platform for connection, opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences and to define guidelines for new communication processes.
“After analyzing market of the communications sector, current trends and perceived position in which those working in public administration and public sector companies are, I have decided to start this educational program. Exchanging views, experiences and practical examples through open communication, I believe we can achieve better perception and standing of the profession. Following success of the first Focus conference held in Tuhelj, Croatia at the end of 2017 and because of great interest in this kind of professional gathering in our region, we decided to organize the second edition in Sarajevo.” said the president of the Organizing Board, Danijel Koletić, during the opening ceremony.
Under the motto closer to people, Focus is starting the process of achieving goals of common progress. Because of that, program of the conference offers education about the latest trends in communication in the public sector, challenges with which public administrators face and advices on how to advance their communication on all levels.
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