The International FOCUS Conference arrives in Belgrade where it will gather the public sector communication experts under the motto closer to people

The FOCUS Conference will once again, under the motto closer to people, gather public relations experts working in public administration and public companies. This time, the host of the Conference will be Belgrade, and the event will be held at the Klub narodnih poslanika on Tuesday, June 5, 2018, with the registration beginning at 8.00.

With this initiative, the organizer's wish is to bring together all those who believe that communication is the basis for information and exchange of information, as well as the opportunity to create new values. At the same time, the FOCUS Conference is an innovative educational platform through which participants have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and hear the ideas that they can implement by themselves and upgrade their communication process in order to be more professional and efficient in the service of citizens.

With the aim of achieving joint progress and encouraging positive change through simple and transparent communication of public service representatives with citizens, organizers have made sure that the conference covers a number of current practical examples of the latest trends in public sector communication, the challenges that public officials encounter, and tips on how to improve communication at all levels.

The conference will open its doors with introductory speeches from respected guests and with the welcoming words of the organizers.

This educational event is organized with the support of the National Academy of Public Administration, therefore Mr. Dražen Maravić, the president of this institution, will address through the introductory lecture.

In a panel discussion titled "Strategic Challenges of Communication in Public Administration", experts in the state institutions of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia will discuss the communication barriers they encounter within their profession and activities.

The organizer particularly emphasizes the participation of two recognized experts from the UK, Ian Farrow and Christos Pishias, directors of Westco, who will tackle the subject of characteristics required to achieve successful public sector campaigns.

In partnership with the Media Craft agency, the organizer of the Conference is Apriori World, a specialized communications management agency that has been holding leading educational programs in the field of communication management for over 16 years.

So far, this educational platform has been held in Terme Tuhelj (Croatia) at the end of last year and then in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in March of this year. Both conferences recorded a remarkable response from over 120 participants who had the opportunity to attend lectures by prominent regional and foreign public relations experts. The conferences discussed strategies, tactics and communication processes within institutions operating in the service of public administration.

The cost of attending a one-day conference in Belgrade is 12,000 RSD and includes all lectures, lunch, coffee breaks and VAT.

The program is in progress and will be released soon.