TEDxZagreb BUILD.FUTURE.NOW. has inspired more than thousand people

The biggest and the most inspiring event in the region, TEDxZagreb BUILD.FUTURE.NOW. was held yesterday in the Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski and gathered more than thousand different age groups of Croatian enthusiasts. Twenty selected individuals told their stories of how the positive view on the life and world help their dreams to come true and to build a strong base for better future.

TEDxZagreb was opened by Mate Janković, prominent Croatian chef who, as a true food lover, wants to raise the awareness about importance of  the usage of domestic and local food in cooking.  Startup  entrepreneur  Matija Žulj spoke about the global problem of GMO which has encouraged him to start his own blueberry  farm. His main mission was: „What will our children eat  if we let the GMO producers a leading position?“. The speech of Stevica Kuharski who is also a startup entrepreneur, confirmed TED's motto about sharing ideas because the written idea  is not real and does not have a worth. It becomes worth when we share it with others, says Kuharski who also looked back on the main problem of today's world- a fear of losing a material good. Light artist Ranko Skansi also mentioned this problem in his inspiring speech: „I learnt that material is only a brick  in this big and complicated building of life, and possibility of feeling the light  and lightness exists in every human being. „
Speech of Helena Bulaja Madunić was inspired by magnificent genius Nikola Tesla. She spoke about importance of the synergy of art and science: „ If Tesla had not consumed the art and his best friend had not been Mark Twain, he would not have had such  knowledge and understandings.“ 
Geography teacher Dejan Nemčić  spoke about importance of believing and following our dreams like he did when he invented an educational project which provides students to travel all around the world by using a modern Skype technology. TED enthusiast Ivan Stamenković  has built his successful story  as a TED translator  who translated more than 700  inspired speeches and gave to a voice on Croatian ideas which listened and watched more than 100 000 people. 
STEM educator Ivan Decker emphasized importance of the adjustment of educational system to modern achievements by telling that for building a better future is important  educate children through the game, because the game is a way to knowledge and we leave the world to the youngest.  Veljko Kukolj, educator  told that the educational system prepares children for the quizzes but not for future so it should be changed and improved. 
Sonia Živković, storytelling producer told that story telling is a natural tool which helps us to learn, improve our memory and emotional intelligence and create relations with ourselves and others. Former athlete and independent farmer Matija Cetinić Frankos shared his experience about how he decided to become a farmer although he was a boy raised on Zagreb's asphalt. Despite many obstacles today he is one of the most successful Croatian farmers. He is sure that he succeeded when he decide to take his life in his own hands and did not accept no as an answer. 
Young Montenegrin consultant and former professor Vladimir Vulić told that he learnt that it is most important to believe in people  and to follow their results and ensure them to work wherever they want until they achieve good results. Un-formal organisational structure based on freedom and project is a key for good future, thinks Vulić. 
This part of event was closed by inventor Ivan Mrvoš who, as most of speakers, also succeeded after many falls, and when he succeeded , he realised that if you want to accomplish your goals, you need to be analytical, self-critic and  believe in dreams. 
The last session was opened by Professor at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Adrian Barić who told that our future will be formed only by us and not  by politicians or technology. Harvard doctoral student, architect  Alen Žunić spoke about how architects form a space with the empathy for the future men, here and now, and that this is his work mission. 
Stand-up comedian Marina Orsag spoke about importance of humor in everyday life. By telling her hilarious life story she convinced herself that people much easier accept differences if we tell it by laughing. Humor changes stereotypes and mind, thinks Orsag. She announced her new project Smjehotres which will shake the Earth and send positive vibrations. 
Scientist and innovator Sven Maričić explained what  medicine 3D print means for  the humanity  and what can be done if you have a good idea.He presented the new project of launching 3D printed sonda to the universe which will have signatures of all organizers of TEDxZagreb event. 
„ Life is 10 % of what happened and 90 % of what we have done  with it“, thinks Italian TV host and designer Cristel Carrisi who says that every man can learn from its failure how to be focused, responsible and to find a balance.
Journalist and editor in chief Marko Matijević spoke about launching the portal and challenges that he was faced as a young and optimistic journalism student who thought that we will earn his first million over the night. 
However, he realised very soon that it is not so simple but that for good idea is important to be heard even in the first row of audience who will spread it further. Story about canceling Oscar of knowledge the best example how journalism , by spreading ideas and stories can change the future. 
BUILD. FUTURE.NOW was closed by scientist Ivan Đikić who spoke about importance of  bacteria. He thinks that bacteria hides lots of secrets which people have not realised yet. Every human being has its own trace of bacteria and logic of life is in nature and evolution tree which has rules that are common and which help scientists to learn from them. 
The message of Đikić, which is together to all speakers at TEDxZagreb is that we need a good, modern ant technological educational system for the  next generation because we can build better future only on that way. 
Beside many interactive contents in the entrance hall and networking with other TED enthusiasts, delegates at TEDxZagreb also had an opportunity to enjoy in music performance of young inspirative musicians and dancers from Atomic Dance Factory which during the years forms generation of positive young people; Luminize band which is formed by 4 young girls from Crikvenica who achieved a great success in Holland and inspirative songwriter from Osijek and Porin winner Antonela Doko.  Moderator of the event was Trpimir Vicković Vicko, famous radio and TV host . At the end, all volounteers, organizers and speakers  gathered at the stage and together singed  and danced on the awarded song „Život nije siv“. 
TEDxZagreb was held according to license of the global digital platform TED which gathers millions of known and unknown individuals  whose main idea is to promote ideas worth of spreading for the better future. 
For Croatian future it is very encouraging that most of delegates at TEDxZagreb were young people  who are named „Banana people“ because of carrying banana as a tool of recognition at the event. 
This event was organized by 50 organizers volunteers who were preparing this event in HUB 385 during the last year. More than 50 inspired volunteers join them at the event as they decided to gain new experience at this event. 
The message of organizer is that we have to look to our future if we want better tomorrow for ourselves and for all generations that will come. They have organized 20 events so far during the last 7 years so they are sure that with positive attitude and ideas they are really building better future right now.