Taxi Cammeo starts business in Vukovar!

In Vukovar’s city council was held press conference regarding Taxi Cammeo business start in this city.

In the presence of mayor of Vukovar, Mr. Ivan Penava and Head of Administrative department of economy, agriculture and international cooperation, Mrs. Marijana Grubišić, director of Taxi Cammeo for Slavonija and Baranja, Mr. Klaudio Klajn officially announced business start of this leading Croatian taxi-service in Vukovar. 
Due to business reorganization and introduction of franchise business model, Taxi Cammeo managed to stabilize its position in the market and in less than two years started business in 8 Croatian cities. After Beli Manastir and Koprivnica, Vukovar is ninth city in which Taxi Cammeo started its business. Three modernly equipped Taxi Cammeo vehicles will be available for Vukovar citizens 24/7 every day. Transportation will be able to order at 032 330 040 or completely free by using application on smartphones or at official website.
Taxi Cammeo business start in Vukovar enabled employment of 11 people and if necessary, Cammeo Group will start a process of additional employment. 
„In every city where we operate, we record increased interest for our service. Reasons are acceptable price, high service quality, safety and professionalism so we believe that we will soon gain trust from Vukovar citizens and stimulate creating habits of everyday taxi use. In the name of Taxi Cammeo I would like to thank City of Vukovar for support.  To private company like ours, local government support is of great importance, and Vukovar proved to be one of the cities that understands needs and challenges of business. It is the only city in Croatia that cofinances business ideas and in that way encourages improvement of local economy. I am sure that we will repay to citizens and their management in best possible way – by life quality improvement in hero city“, said Mr. Klaudio Klein, director of Taxi Cammeo for Slavonija and Baranja. 
Mayor of Vukovar, Mr. Ivan Penava welcomed the arrival of Taxi Cammeo in Vukovar: "I would like to thank Cammeo for recognizing the city of Vukovar as a partner in expansion of their market share. I think this is just the beginning of our good cooperation with Cammeo Group and I expect that  this story will spread to other business segments. Again we presented Vukovar as a quality partner in attracting new good stories in the economy, coordination with all the relevant institutions for the arrival of new investors and the removal of all administrative obstacles.
We presented to Taxi Cammeo all the possibilities to encourage and attract new investment, and they also allow the expansion of the market and new employment. I am convinced that they will provide great transportation to our citizens, and also I would like to invite all, who will be in Vukovar in the next three days, to take advantage of an opportunity to take a free drive. "
Taxi Cammeo franchise employs 725 employees and it have continually growing traffic. In addition to being a leader in the taxi business, they stand out as a leader in innovation and as a company that monitors the needs of modern man. It is the largest and fastest-growing franchise network in the region and they are planning the expansion of business on the rest of Slavonia and Baranja and other parts of Croatia.
All citizens in Vukovar can try Taxi Cammeo services today, May 17, from 12 AM, when Taxi Cammeo officially starts. Till Friday, at 6 AM will be special promotion, so that all who are driving with Taxi Cammeo to 5 km within the city, will have a free ride. After that, for a month will be a special promotional price of 15 kunas for a ride up to 5 km in the city.
Upon expiration of the promotional period, price for the 5 km will be very favorable 20 kunas.