Soaps with spots- social entrepreneurship of blind and nearsighted people

“Soaps with spots – social entrepreneurship of blind and nearsighted people” was presented. The press conference was organized by Zagreb Association of Blind Persons and Martinov plašt – social service cooperative.

“Development of project ‘Soaps with spots- social entrepreneurship of blind and nearsighted people’ started in Association of the blind Zagreb with intention of creating new jobs in soap production for visually impaired people.”, said executive director ofZagreb Association of Blind Persons, Goran Denis Tomašković. “By the end of 2016, our goal is to start production of souvenir and gift soaps from new premises of our cooperative Martinov plašt with funds approved by the City of Zagreb according to the rules of cosmetics production and hire one visually impaired person. In the next two years we will transfer the good example of the London factory Clarity, in which blind and visually impaired people have been making hard and liquid soap for several decades, and hire at least four more visually impaired people in Zagreb.”
Their experience as unemployed people with a disability, who will be getting jobs in soap production, shared members of the Association of the blind Zagreb, Anto Babić and Barbara Šajinović.
Coordinator of this project is agency Apriori World from Zagreb, which joined on voluntary basis 8 months ago and who is, with it’s expert team, working on a implementing brand strategy and creating international connections.