Sarajevo hosts an international conference on communication and innovation in public administration and public companies

The program of the international conference on communication and innovation in public administration and public companies FOCUS, which will be held for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Hotel Hollywood in Sarajevo on March 16, 2018, was officially announced today.

Under the motto closer to people the Conference will serve as an educational platform for connecting and exchanging knowledge and experience in order to encourage positive change through simple and transparent communication between the representatives of public services and citizens.
In the hope of achieving common progress, the FOCUS Conference program will include a number of practical examples of the latest trends in public sector communication, the challenges that public officials encounter, and advice on how to improve communication at all levels.
The one-day Conference will begin with introductory speeches by Amela Odobašić, Head of Public Affairs at the Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ekrem Dupanović, Editor-in-Chief at Media Marketing, and Ivan Radišić, Co-founder and CEO of Unlimited Communication.
In the panel discussion titled "Strategic Challenges of Communication in Public Administration", experts in the state institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and Croatia will tackle the communication barriers they encounter within their profession and activities.
Melita Pavlek, Secretary General at Croatian County Association, Katja Fašink, Head of PR for ELES Group, Nađa Lutvikadić-Fočo, Public Relations Manager at BH Telecom, Almedina Porča, Head of the PR Department of the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo, and Drago Martinović, the President of the Civil Protection Administration of the County of West Herzegovina will all use practical examples to share their experience with the participants.
The organizer particularly highlights the participation of two acknowledged foreign experts, Simon Jones, Managing Director at Westco Ltd. and Chairman of Local Government Communications, and Alessandro Butticé, Expert in Public Sector Communication in the EU, and Vice President at EAPO&IC (European Association of the Press Office and Institutional Communication).
The first international FOCUS Conference on communication and innovation in public administration was held at the end of last year in Terme Tuhelj and was organized by the communication management agency Apriori World.
The Conference had a remarkable response from over 120 participants who had the opportunity to take part in lectures by prominent regional and foreign public relations experts who touched upon the topics of strategies, tactics and communication processes within public administration and public companies. Due to the great interest, the organizer has decided to organize this international conference in the countries of the region, therefore Bosnia and Herzegovina is selected for the second host of the first conference which specialises in public sector communication in this part of Europe.
The final program of the second edition of the FOCUS conference will be published on February 10, 2018., more details you can find on official web site
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