Roundtable: Europe looks for 100 young people! Are you ready?

In the Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb was held a round table discussion on theme “Europe looks for 100 young people. Are you ready? “, To discuss the possibilities of studying and employment in the European Union. The organizers of the round table are European Academy of Sciences and Arts and the University Alma Mater Europaea.

On the round table were prof. Ph. D. Jurij Toplak, dean of the European business studies at the University Alma Mater Europaea, Stipe Plejić, cabinet member and adviser for international trade representatives in the European Parliament, Ivo Antunovic, Officer Public Relations in the Information Office of the European Parliament in Zagreb, and Jelena Kremenjaš, student of European business studies and project manager in the Programme of the United Nations Development Programme Croatian.

In the European Parliament there is 7354 employers, with the Belgians, the most represented nations are the French and Italians. Although these days we mark the second anniversary of the entry into the Croatian membership in the European Union, statistics showed that Croatian citizens are not sufficiently take advantage of opportunities offered by the European Union.
Therefore, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in collaboration with the University Alma Mater Europaaea organized a round table with the participation of individuals working in the EU institutions and who shared their experience of working in the EU institutions.
According to the speaker, certainly the most important criterion is a satisfactory level of education, which in most cases proved to be the biggest obstacle in employment. In fact, in Croatia there is no adequate study course that trains personnel administration for work in institutions and companies of the European Union.
Therefore, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts launched the European business studies, graduate studies which fully complies with the requirements of the European labor market and educate staff who are trained to work in the system of the European Union. 96% of graduates of the European business studies succeeded in the short term to get a job in the profession.
This fall, the study will enroll a fourth generation of students. Classes are held in Zagreb, Maribor and Brussels, and since it is a modern studio custom e-learning, it is possible to study at a distance, which is why studies can attend and employed individuals. Excellent is an opportunity for all who are ready to apply for a job at one of the many attractive jobs in the EU institutions, they can not afford a stable, above-average financial remuneration.
To encourage Croatian citizens to study and work in the European Union, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts subsidizes part of the tuition for study at the European Business study.