Public procurement – formality or necessity

When talking about the industry of advertising and public relations lately, there has been a number of affairs and insinuations of corruptional activities and unethical steps in business.

Are the clients, those who come from the state institutions and are financed from the state budget, or the bigger companies who base their campaigns on pitching,  in the process of selection only formaly, while the suppliers are already lined up in the background?
Is it necessary to have public procurement in the segment of creative industry (visual or the kind that defines the processes of managing communication) and in what way is the contractor chosen? Those who have connections and will give back a certain percentage back to the client or the ones who have the most creative solutions where knowledge will be the victor?
In most cases the clients know who they want to work with. The ones with little creativity will tell the tale of agencies they are familiar with, and the creative ones will dive into the transparent process of agency selection. In most cases the jobs are agreed upon in advance when cooperating with the public sector.
Depending on the countries in the region they are choosing the prestigious agencies or the ones with good ties. Even though the recession has ended and the budgets have decresed, most habits have stayed the same. In only a few cases, those who put creativity before personal interest, will assemble a committee of experts, sometimes even from agency representatives who are not from their countries so that they can reach the best solution.
Is the public procurement only a formality that satisfies procedures, that is the question of not only our industry, but also many others. Will these habits change so that the market can free up, regardless of business and personal interests, is one of the challenges of today. In the end, not everything is about agreement but also of quality and specific services that only a certain kind of agency can fulfill.
Danijel Koletić
Apriori World