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Press Clipping Banja Luka

Press Clipping does the monitoring and analysis of media reports and information. This year they are celebrating 10 years of successful work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main guidelines of their work are quality, speed and thoroughness. What they are particularly proud of is the personal approach and rapid response requirements.

Because of these virtues, normal relations evolved in business partnerships and long-term business relationships, because many of their customers are with them from the very beginning. They monitor everything connected with communication and information, and trying to understand the specific needs of companies, institutions and individuals. Their mission is to develop tools for monitoring and understanding the media.

Press Clipping is also known for its socially responsible business – environmentally friendly (recycled paper, office equipment …) and help their community (Children's Home Bjelave, Petrovac House, Association "Sun" Derventa, Red noses …).