Program announcement of the second ,,Agro Startup” conference

The ,,Agro Startup” student conference will be held this year, October 17, at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. It represents an event aimed at educating future young farmers and encouraging them to start their own business.

This whole day conference will begin with the opening ceremony after which will start the first panel discussion on the topic of creating new products and agrarian policy towards it. The round table will be moderated by the editor of the portal Agroklub, Vedran Stapić, and it will gather professors from the Faculty of Agriculture, led by the dean Prof. Zoran Grgić, Ph.D., as an introductory speaker. After that, an international agricultural example of distant Taiwan will follow, compared to the experience two Croatian young farmers gained while working in the profession. The Croatian examples will be presented by the introductory speaker Jan Marinac. Director of the Croatian Agricultural Agency, Zdravko Barać, Ph.D., will hold a lecture on the topic of its role and what young farmers can expect from it. Furthermore, Tihomir Šašić, program manager at the IN2 Group, will touch upon business solutions with unmanned aerial vehicles, and Prof. Josip Leto, Ph.D., will talk about the hidden promising culture in biofuel production. After the lecture on the financial aspects of starting the agro-business, the next panel discussion will take place. Miroslav Kuskunović, the editor of the portal Agrobiz, will moderate a round table with the topic of financing guidelines and legal views on a startup business. Also, in fifteen minute long lectures, professors from the Faculty of Agriculture will combine theory with the practical knowledge throughout the topics of agrarian policy and marketing in agriculture.
After the conclusion of the conference, students will be given the opportunity to participate in a project assignment on which they will be able to present their creative solutions. The time to work on a project is five months, until the agricultural conference Slavonika where student projects will be presented to the public with the chance of winning the prize money.
At the last ,,Agro Startup'' conference over 150 students gathered and this year the response is expected to be as equal, if not bigger.