PRO.PR Awards gala ceremony

April 9th, at the Hotel Splendid in a festive atmosphere, the fifth time in a row was held ceremony of prestigious PROPR Awards. It is the only awards program in the field of communication management, which is awarded to individuals who, through their work with professionalism and love are loyal to communication processes what makes them good candidates to be winners of this award.

Recognition is intended for individuals who, in a special way, with their knowledge, experience and dedication, left a noticeable mark on the development of the profession of public relations.
PRO.PR Awards was founded in 2012, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary PRO.PR conference, the first international conference on communication Managment in Southeast Europe. A total of 22 prizes awarded, the title of Vision City got a town of Kotor, the award given to the manager of the host country of the conference, Vision Manager, Mr. Esead Zaimović of Hipotekarna Bank AD Podgorica.
This year's winners are: Željka Bajramović, Nataša Aleksić and Selma Riđanović Kenović from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Olga Pejovič and Petra Juvančič from Slovenia, Dragana Roter, Milica Đokić and Jelena Šarenac from Serbia, Martina Sokač Saraga, Goran Pivarski and Diana Đerđ from Croatia, Danilo Kalezić, Marija Jovović and Radoje Cerović from Montenegro and Violeta Cvetkovska from Macedonia. Among the winners are prominent European experts: Charles Skinner and Sukhjit Grewal from UK, Luisa Piazza from Italy and Peter N. Thier from Austria.
15th PROPR conference will be held in Croatia in the Krapina – Zagorje County in Tuheljske spa.
''15 Years of tradition and pride in the organization, especially if you know that every year we organize an event in another country, is not a small thing. Before us is a great programming challenge. The preparations of the next conference begins tomorrow. '' Said the president of the Organizing Board mr. Danijel Koletić by announcing the name of the destination which had the honor to host 15th PROPR conference.