PRO.PR Award winners 2017

In a festive atmosphere, for the 6th year in a row, prestige PRO PR Award gala dinner was held in Terme Tuhelj.

Speciality of this award is that this is the only award system in the area of communication management which acknowledges individuals which are devoted their work, professionalism and love towards communication processes. 
PRO.PR Awards was founded in 2012, commemoration 10th anniversary of PRO PR Conference, first international conference for communication management in South East Europe. In total, 24 awards have been given, title of Vision City was given to Šibenk. The award, Vision Manager, which is given to the manager form the host country of the conference, this year is going to Martina Bienenfeld, CEO of the Zagreb Tourist Board. For the first time, the award PRO PR Infigo for life work, is being given to Ekrem Dupanović. 
This year's winners are: Yogeshi Joshi, CEO of Association of Business Communicators of India, Smiljana Leinert Novosel PhD, professor at Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb; Violeta Colić, Managing Director at Communications Office Colić, Laco and Partners; Dražen Dretar, Head of the Public Relations and Protocol Office at the City of Varaždin; Jasmina Roškar, Head of Corporate Communicationa Department at Post of Slovenia; Sebastijan Šik,Head of PR Department at Port Koper; Aleš Udir, Head of Marketing at Iskratel; Ilarija Bašić, PR Director at MITA Group, Ratko Kovačević, head of Communication and International Cooperation Department at Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH; Nikolina Zeljko, Marketing and Community Manager at SPARK, Tamara Vlastelica PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences; Andrea Vaci, Coordinator of Media Center of City Hall at the Mayor's Office and President of City Assembly of Subotica; Arsen Rudan, Corporate Affairs Manager at Air Serbia; Natalija Milić, Corporate Affairs and Internal Communications Manager at Brewery Trebjesa Ltd; Francis Ingham, Director General of the PRCA an CEO of the ICCO; Toni Muzi Falconi, Director and Senior Consultant at Methodos; Ingrid Vogl PhD, Managing Director of the Scientific Senate of the PRVA; Elena Zelinskaya, journalist, writer and activist form Russia; Maxim Behar, President of ICCO & CEO at M3 Communications Group Inc.; Evridika Nikolovska, Senior Adept for Internal Communication Strategy and Corporate Communications at Makedonski Telekom and Mohamed Essa M Al Fadala from Olympic Committee of Qatar. 
''All of this year's winners, besides their careers which they build in PR industry through dedication, persistence and sacrifice, selflessly share their knowledge and experience with a goal of inspiring PR profession. PRO PR Awards is a story about passion and love towards the work in public relations which we proudly continue to write.'' said the President of Organization Board, Danijel Koletić.