Presentation of the program of manifestation GORA – Days of sustainable development in Gospić

In Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar in Zagreb is presented a project „Days of sustainable development – GORA 2016 – Gospić/Lika“ which will be held from 27 till 29 of May 2016 for the first time in Gospić. Within two-day manifestation it will be held 15th traditional scientific symposium Annales Pilar 2016 which will gather leading Croatian scientists.

The topic of this scientific symposium is „Who is supported by sustainable development?“ and exactly that is the framework of this two-day manifestation in the organization of city of Gospić and surrounding Lika municipalities. Their goal is to raise social awareness about importance of concept of sustainable development, how in planning of the present, so in the development of guidelines in the future.
Beside of scientific symposium, the program of GORA includes all other facilities connected with idea of sustainable development. So beside of scientific symposium, during the first day, will be held cycling school for children of preschool and school age. On the main Gospić square the visitors will have opportunity to try specialties of Lika cuisine made from autochthonous Lika products. Within rich cultural program there will be held GORA EKO RACE, revial ride of solar electric cars made by high school students from Gospić and Zadar. Beside presentation of Lika cousine, visitors will be able to taste the homemade Lika brandy, and a full-day program of the first day will end with an appropriate (no) energy concert of Jelena Radan and the Meritas at the Memorial Centre Nikola Tesla. During the second day of GORA visitors will have the opportunity to participate at the lectures about sustainable urban mobility, energy efficiency action plan of the City of Gospić, energy certification, waste management system, and there will be an exhibition of animals- all Lika breed. Main event of second day is definitely bike tour on the route: main square Stjepan Radić- Memorial home “Ante Starčević” in Žitnik. After the bike tour will be concert of Gospić Tambura orchestra “Ante Starčević” and ensemble of accordionists Zdrmuša. The program ends in Sunday, 29 May 2016 when will be organized a race Kros Jasikovac.
During the presenting of program of GORA, the mayor of Gospić Mr. Petar Krmpotić said: “With this event we want to encourage as many citizens and different social groups to be more responsible to the environment and to become aware of the need to protect natural assets for the benefit of future generations. New global goals adopted at the Summit of the United Nations in New York, emphasize the importance of responsible behavior in the making of policies and strategies for economic and social progress. Through this event we decided to contribute to this in a comprehensive and equitable way to point out the importance of preserving its own ecosystem. In fact, everything that is the last time represented a comparative lack of Lika region, today presents an advantage that already attracts attention and represents the foundation in planning for future development. "
City of Gospić and its partners invite all to join them in Gospić in the project "GORA- Days of sustainable development, Gospić / Lika 2016" from 27 to 29 May this year.