[MEET OUR PARTNER] MiFaccioImpresa

MIfaccioImpresa is a company proposed as a meeting point between supply and demand for new entrepreneurs, start-ups and business in continuous expansion

There is a widespread culture of doing business and a unitary reference point to serve as a liaison between institutions, those responsible for supply and demand.
MIfaccioImpresa is the solution for the development of a business, capable of guiding its clients in a full path, with exhibition of products and services for new entrepreneurs and business man with an intense schedule of thematic workshops of highly topical, carefully selected to provide all the tools for the creation and expansion of start-ups and new business projects.
It is a unique company, able to meet the needs of: Start-ups and enterpreneurs, enterpreneurs who want to expand their business, employees who wish to start a business, women who want to enter into the production circuit, managers affected by staff cuts, academics, graduates and Master Students.
MIfaccioImpresa wants to contribute to the formation of a new class of entrepreneurs helping them to acquire awareness of the difficulties and skills required to undertake an entrepreneurial or self path, knowledge of subjects able to provide specific assistance in all the crucial stages of the business life, contact and exchange with the suppliers of those services and products required to set up a new business and develop those already undertaken, initial guidance in dealing with the Italian legal system and bureaucratic, overview of funds and facilities at regional, national and European, acquisition of experience by listening and direct dialogue with successful entrepreneurs.