[MEET OUR PARTNER] Global Magic Brands

Global Magic Brands is a consulting firm that specializes in developing brand, marketing and communication strategies

Founded in 2012 by Ömer Şengüler, this consulting firm seeks to advance your strategic capacity, claiming that “be a global brand, I bet will worth it”. They design the entire brand architecture. By transforming national brands into “global brands”, they ensure that the company’s brand value will raise the intangible assets to levels higher than the company’s tangible assets on the balance sheet. Their services include consultancy for brands, companies, people and cities and their brand creation processes includes:
Brand Positioning- for brand positioning, GMB use qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic research methods to analyze competitors, markets and target audiences.
Brand Strategy- they determine the Brand Strategy by defining your brand’s spirit, perception, position and the features which identify and make people believe your brand.
Marketing Strategy- they determine the Marketing Strategy by recognizing product features and target audience and by determining the needs of the market, competitive advantages and differentiation points to create a strong emotional connection between people and a brand. 
Communication Strategy- they determine the Communication Strategy by selecting, guiding and managing all that is involved in Advertising, PR, Media Planning & Buying, Online Marketing and Sponsorship and Event Organizations.