Largest food outlet opened in Zagreb

The biggest food outlet in Croatia was opened today by Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić in a modest ceremony.

This is a sequel of the start up story by Maja and Mario Žamboki. Second food outlet Žabac was opened in Trešnjevka squere in Zagreb, at the Tratinska street 80a, covering 300 m2 and continuing the positive story of food outlet Žabac in Tkalčićeva street. This store concept, sells stock ( extra stock of merchandise produced in factories), brake (broken packaging) and to expire (merchandise close to expiration date). Merchandise can be bought at 90% discount.
During the opening, mayor Bandić said: “This is a noteworthy move, and it is specially commendable that thought this concept of food outlet, 10 people got employed. Every job is precious. We wish you a lot of success and we hope you will open your third store soon.“ 
Mr. Mario Žamboki said that they got the idea of such store concept, when they saw how much food gets thrown away. Encouraged by positive experiences from first food outlet Žabac, it's logical to open in much bigger space. “According to our experiences so far, I can say that to our store come all generations, from children, youth and elderly and what is most important to us, that they leave happy with full baskets for little money.“ 
The owners have discovered that they plan to open new food outlets Žabac in Zagreb, but they will also spread over the whole Croatia.