Klub narodnih poslanika in Belgrade hosted 3rd edition of international FOCUS conference on innovation and communication in public administration and public sector companies

At Klub narodnih poslanika in Belgrade, under the moto ”Closer to the people”, leading experts from Republic of Serbia in field of public relations in public administration and public sector companies, have gathered with a goal of exchanging knowledge and experiences.

On the behalf of the organizator, conference was ceremonially opened by Danijel Koletić, president of the organizing board, and Žarko Simović, CEO of Mediacraft and representative of the Organizing Committee for Republic of Serbia. 
Third edition of the FOCUS conference was supported by National academy for public administration of Republic of Serbia, whose director, Mr. Dražen Maravić, talked to the present audience in the opening lecture, where he stressed the importance of open public administration..
Contribution to the international character of the conference was given by the lecture of the renounced communication expert from United Kingdom, Christos Pishias from Westco as a part of Westminster Council. In his lecture, Mr. Phishias touched upon successful campaigns in public sector and their characteristics. 
Mrs. Ivana Antić, Assistant Minister at the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government of the Republic of Serbia held a lecture on the subject "Openness, transparency and accessibility of the administration", while Mr. Mihailo Jovanović, Director of Information Technology and Electronic Administration Office at the Government of the Republic of Serbia, in his lecture ,,Digitalization of Public Administration – the Results of the IT and eAdministration Office“, touched upon actual and modern issue of digitalization. 
In panel discussion titled "Strategic Challenges of Communication in Public Administration", participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia moderated by Goran Pejčić, Editor-in-Chief of Local News Program at Radiotelevision of Vojvodina, discused about challenges which they face in their everyday work.
Communication experts from the region, through examples, have presented following subjects: ''Lesson on Transparency – Open Budget Challenge'', "PR in Public Enterprise – Communication Marathon", "Innovations in Public Communication in Italy: Examples of Good Practice", "Contento – Communication Solution for Public Administration", "Near Real Time Communication", "It Does Not Matter What the Public Thinks, It is Important That We Know What We are Doing and to Do It Well", "PR by Those From Whom We Least Expect It", "The Role of the Road Traffic Safety Agencies", "Effectiveness of Media Communication" and "Through Campaigns, on the Spot". 
FOCUS conference also hosted Jelena Pavićević, Founder & CEO of Benefit Communications who spoke on the subject of "Lobbying – Postulates, Principles and Rules". 
Ana Keglović Horvat, CEO of AKH Consulting and an expert in the area of personal data protection, shared whir everyone present, advice on synchronising their business with GDPR, EU directive which from recently, started to legally regulate personal data protection. 
Goal of FOCUS conference is to gather individuals employed in public administration and public sector companies, so they can discus about strategies, tactics and communication processes. FOCUS represents a platform for connecting, exchanging knowledge and defining guidelines for new communication processes. 
This international event gathers representatives from public and private sector, so they can, through simple and transparent communication, start to achieve the goals of common progress. Because of that FOCUS, through practical examples of local and foreign communication experts, offers participants education about the latest trends in communication in public sector, challenges which public officials face and advices on how to improve communication at all levels.