Jubilee 5th ”MojaKravica Food Talk” 2017 in Novi Sad

The Director of Apriori World, Mr. Danijel Koletić at ”MojaKravica Food Talk” conference.

At the jubilee 5th "MojaKravica Food Talk" conference, on June 9th, in Novi Sad, gastronomic experts from the region will exchange experience and knowledge. This conference brings together professionals, producers, companies, media and celebrities who will also talk about current topics from the gastronomy and wine world.
On the panel discussion  "Catering for Healt," the moderator will be the director of Apriori World, Mr. Danijel Koletić. The focus will be on the preparation of healthy groceries and possibility that caterers can offer their guests a healthy alternative that will satisfy the different nutritional needs.
You can find a complete program and conference schedule at: