Introducing employment opportunities for blind and partially sighted persons

The possibility of employing blind and partially sighted persons from The Association of Blind Persons Zagreb was introduced today at the Zagreb Trade Union Building, as a part of the implementation of the Directive on the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications which, according to publicly available information, will be put into effect on September 23, 2018.

Within this Directive, a project for certification of websites will be launched, which will allow blind and partially sighted persons, who have completed the appropriate educational program at The Association of Blind Persons Zagreb, to be actively involved in the program. The initiative to launch the website certification project was created in cooperation with the communication management agencies, Apriori World from Croatia and Taktik from Slovenia, which started this process a year ago.
In addition to the employment of blind and partially sighted persons, the project's objective is to encourage the public and private sector to implement accessible websites and mobile applications in the hope that, in the next two years, Croatia will find itself among the first European countries to coordinate digital platforms with the Directive and thus raise the level of social responsibility.
Executive Director Goran Denis Tomašković addressed the audience on behalf of The Association of Blind Persons Zagreb, while the appearance and functionality of the accessible website of the Association were presented by its member, Mr. Zvonimir Stenečić and Mrs. Miljana Kastratović, project manager.
Two young Croatian web developers, Nikola Ivančić and Josip Bukal from the company CodeVision Studio, worked on the creation of the accessible website for The Association of Blind Persons Zagreb. On this occasion, they presented the methodology of making websites adapted to blind and partially sighted persons. 
The establishment of The Institute for Digital Transformation was announced at the Conference in order to open up the possibilities of participating in the tenders for European funds and achieving the international cooperation.