Host of 16th PROPR conference – Zlatibor!

Next year, the 16th PROPR conference will bring together eminent public relations experts to discuss current topics in the profession.

Participants from various parts of Europe will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and information within this three-day conference which will be held in Zlatibor, a place whose name hides an attractive mountain located in Republic of Serbia.
This green oasis, which spreads over an area of 300 square kilometers with the highest peak of Tornik at an altitude of 1496 meters, found its place halfway from Belgrade to the Montenegrin coast. Because of its geographic position, Zlatibor is a well-known summer and winter resort, but also a climatic spa which is one of the main reasons why it keeps its popularity through the year. Apart from the natural beauties Zlatibor stands out with its cultural and historical heritage. The authenticity of the former rural life is still visible in the mountain lodges, giving the place an irresistible charm by telling a story of tradition through numerous museum exhibits. A variety of manifestations and attractions such as trumpeters, art colony, ethno fair, sports and recreational facilities but also the gastronomic offerings are all intended for every taste. 
Zlatibor is, among other things, full of spirit and that proves its serenity that can be felt in a light breeze, the smell of pine trees, the freshness of the water, the singing of birds and the view of a sunset. We invite you to see it for yourself!