Facility for the ” Soap with dots ” is officilay open!

This project of social entrepreneurship was held in cooperation of the Association of Blind Persons Zagreb and social – service cooperatives Martinov Plašt with aims of employment of blind and partially sighted people.

'' At the beginning of the production of soaps with dots in this operation, now is complete the first phase of the project, funded by the City of Zagreb, where will work one highly visually impaired person.  There will be souvenir and gift soaps. At this stage, practice was held for four unemployed blind and high visually impaired persons, members of the Association of Blind Persons Zagreb. In the next phase, we aim to develop sales strategy and run other chemical production. For this production, we employ other qualified persons to work. '' Said Mr. Goran Denis Tomašković, executive director of the Association of Blind Persons Zagreb.
Barbara Šajinović from Association is the chemistry engineer. With the other members of the team, she is preparing the recipe for soap that will soon be on the shelves of souvenir shops, as well as a Christmas gift of some companies.
'' Today is a big day for social-service cooperatives Martinov Plašt and for the Association of the Blind Persons Zagreb. At the end of last year, in the competition, which was published by the City of Zagreb and the City Office for Economy and Trade work for the better development of social enterprises, we start to co-operative with the Association of Blind Persons Zagreb. Therefor we have an idea for a project called "Soaps with dots – social entrepreneurship blind and visually impaired persons" and over the same received grants for the development of space, employment of one person and the acquisition of the conditions for the start of the first phase of production of soap from raw materials for reuse. In the first phase, which begins at the end of the project we will make the gift and souvenir soaps. The opening portion of the converted space in the former factory called Zagrepčanka, finalizing mentioned project whose actions will be continued throughout this year. In the second phase is planned to start production of soap and cosmetics to thereby ensure the sustainability of the project Soaps with dots. '' Said Mrs. Anđelka Bunić from social – service cooperatives Martinov Plašt. 
With assets of Zagreb, many donors joined and help this project through their knowledge, time and financial resources. With donors at the opening ceremony were also representatives of the city of Zagreb, the Ministry of Demography, family, youth and social policy, and the president of North Region – Lions District 126 Croatia Ms. Vesna Boinović – Grubić. Lions Club Zrinjevac helped raise funds to equip the space for the production of soap and 2nd and 3rd December they will organize few humanitarian activities which will help to collect funds for this project.
Soaps with dots will soon be able at web shop