Employees of EBRD raised 132 000 kuna for Association of blind persons Zagreb

In December 2017, employees of EBRD in Republic of Croatia started a volunteer based initiative of gathering funds to buy specialized IT and telecommunication equipment intended for blind and nearsighted persons.

Funds for Association of blind persons Zagreb have been gathered through crowdfunding, company, individual and Bank's employees donations. During the initiative 66 000 kuna has been gathered, and EBRD as socially conscious company has doubled the amount.    
Total of 132.000 kuna gathered, has been donated to Association of blind persons Zagreb; humanitarian, non-profit association which gathers and takes care of blind and nearsighted persons from Zagreb and Zagreb County ( As a part of their work, and with a goal of better and bigger integration of blind and nearsighted persons in the society and work market, Association of blind persons Zagreb has founded social company "Sfera Visia", which produces and sells soaps named „Soaps with Dots“ ( Sfera Visia  employes 3 people, all members of the Association, who represent exceptional example of economic inclusion of persons with disabilities.
Executive director of Association of the blind persons Zagreb, Denis Tomašković, expressed gratitude and noted that the new equipment will help in better education of blind and nearsighted persons, which will open the possibility od their employment in telemarketing within the frame of sustainable social entrepreneurship of the Association.