Croatian products in vehicles of Taxi Cammeo

After renewing its fleet, Taxi Cammeo decided to revamp its driver’s uniforms, with Croatian products

Up until now, they already had a contract with Borovo, where they bought shoes for their drivers, but now they will be also clothed in sweaters made in tailoring trade “Z i Ž”.
“Although foreigner companies are cheaper, we decided to go with products made in Croatia, because they guarantee quality. At this moment we are employing 725 people and have 250 vehicles in our fleet, so our needs are not insignificant and we believe that we present good business opportunity.” said general director of Cammeo Group, Vladimir Minovski.
Except sweaters and shoes, taximeters, car upholstery and car decals are also Croatian products. Cammeo Group is emphasizing their wish to give opportunity to Croatian companies and help improving Croatian economy.