Croatia has its first Food Outlet

On the press conference held on September 13th 2016, in Tkalčičeva Street, Zagreb the first Croatian Food Outlet Žabac was presented to the media

The owners, married couple Mario and Maja Žamboki, explained to us that this is a new start up company which sells stock (excess goods made in factories), breakage (goods broken in the factory or with bad packaging) and goods with close expiration date.
Mario Žamboki, creator of this project, explained more closely his reason for starting a food outlet: “Guiding thought in project Food Outlet Žabac was an attempt in decreasing of the amount of food being thrown away, which causes price of food to go up making it unavailable to all categories of population. Unfortunately, worldwide one third of produced food is thrown away – around 1, 3 billion tons. In Croatia, in one year 400 000 tons of unsold food is destroyed, food which could have found a way to it’s buyer. Whit this project we wish to change the awareness of people and make them see that throwing food away is bad for a lot of reasons, the biggest one being environmental pollution. Food Outlet will be place where you can buy food, cleaning and hygiene product and similar at prices 50-90% lower than the usual price.”
Family Žamboki plans to expand it’s idea to entire Croatia and they are planning to start with opening a bigger store on Trešnjevka. Advisory role in creating a branding strategy has PR agency Apriori World. Another novelty which they have planed next spring is mobile store.