Concert on marking the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between Turkey and Croatia

The Zagreb Quartet concert was held in Ankara on the occasion of marking the 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Turkey and Croatia. The event was organized by the Yunus Emre Institute and the City of Zagreb.

The concert, supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Republic of Turkey, was held in the Presidency's Hall of the symphony orchestra. Marking the diplomatic relations enabled Ankara residents to enjoy the performance of Croatian musicians and to get acquainted with Croatian art, music, culture, language, and history.
The celebration of the anniversary will continue on the 25th of October in Zagreb, at the Croatian Music Institute where the famous Çellİstanbul Quartet from Istanbul will perform.
In cooperation with the City of Zagreb, music and art fans enjoyed the concert of Croatian musicians which belong to the oldest chamber composition – Zagreb Quartet. Founded in 1919, the Quartet has performed over 4000 concerts on all continents and has recorded more than 60 records for various world record labels and radio companies. Moreover, in 2009 the Quartet was awarded the lifetime achievement award ''Vladimir Nazor''. Today's composition consists of Marin Maras, brothers Hrvoje and Davor Philips and Martin Jordan.