Communication audit of the public administration

Leading Croatian public relations and communication management experts will gather on Thursday in Terme Tuhelj at a two-day Conference on innovation and communication in public administration and public companies.

This will be the fourth edition of the first specialized international communication management Conference, FOCUS, which was held last year in Tuhelj for the first time and then in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.
Apart from the exchange of practical experience and knowledge, this year's Conference aims to prepare guidelines for the preparation of the content of the communication strategy, a key document that should be drafted and harmonized at all levels of public administration.
"After the creation of new countries in the region, more than € 3.5 million was spent on education on the importance of managing these processes. In Croatia, as well as throughout the region, there are many highly educated professional individuals employed in the public sector, but unfortunately, there is a lack of will of those who decide. In the public sector, there are still too few individuals who know how to manage digital communications, which is one of the key problems in public relations of the public administration. Of course, there are also a number of positive examples from practice that have been successfully implemented thanks to the vision of the decision makers and the expertise of the persons responsible for their implementation.
Various public employment bans also limit the employment of skilled professionals who knowingly manage digital communications. An example of this is the EU Directive on the Accessibility of Public Sector Websites and Mobile Applications, which will soon come into force and for which use the individuals qualified for such communication will need to be employed.", said the President of the Organizing Board of the FOCUS Conference, Danijel Koletić.
Approximately 70 communications professionals in the public sector are expected to attend the Conference.