Cammeo group rewards customers and employees

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, Cammeo group launched loyalty program named Cammeo league

It is a system of evaluation and rewards to the best employees, which aims to encourage their users to comment and rate the performance of the company, in order to improve the service. 
All customers can also evaluate the courtesy and professionalism of the driver and the quality of the services. Drivers with the best results and best in the number of carried passengers, on the end of each month, are being appropriately rewarded.
Costumers who participate in the evaluation have the possibility of getting rewards in the form of free rides.
Cammeo league was launched in May, and so far it included more than 50,000 users. Drivers are evaluated with average point of 4.89, which further confirms the high level of quality service in Taxi Cammeo.
In each of the nine cities where Taxi Cammeo operates, are named the best drivers that are appropriately rewarded. Cammeo league is open to all who use the services of Taxi Cammeo.