Cammeo group presented Taxi Academy

In the Zagreb congress center Forum, Croatia’s leading taxi company, Cammeo group presented Taxi Academy, Europe’s first licensed educational program designed for taxi drivers.

Thanks to ten years of work in the taxi business, Cammeo group has acquired enough knowledge and experience to train their employees to perform highly responsible and demanding work- taxi driver. Cammeo group carried out the program Taxi Academy from its beginnings and in the past ten years for more than 160 000 school hours educated over 2,000 drivers.
Taxi Academy offers comprehensive training, upgrading of existing knowledge and training skills necessary to provide quality and adequate services to taxi driving. After the first selection process, all candidates for the job in Cammeo group undergo intensive education on the Taxi academy where they are educated about traffic rules, standards and business organization of Cammeo group, the use of advanced software systems Taxi Navigator, etiquette, communication with clients and providing first aid. Speakers at the Taxi Academy are employees of Cammeo group, heads of certain sectors, transport experts, medical specialists of emergency medicine, psychologists and communicologists.
Education on Taxi Academy lasts 30 days, and after the lectures and practice under the supervision of the assigned mentors, each of the candidates takes an exam of theoretical and practical knowledge. Only when we have successfully passed all the exams, candidates are ready to work in taxis. After the training and exams, they receive a certificate and a job in Cammeo group that gives them the security and stable financial income. An excellent opportunity for all unemployed individuals who are thinking about the job of a taxi driver, but they are not sufficiently trained to work in the taxi services. Cammeo group recorded a growing increase in traffic and the business model of the franchise is present in six Croatian cities: Zagreb, Rijeka, Šibenik, Slavonski Brod, Osijek and Varaždin, and later this year plans to open the business in Čakovec.
Their know-how product, Taxi Navigator has already won market of countries in the region, and at this point are seriously negotiating with interested taxi companies in Qatar.
Taxi Academy is just one of many brands that Cammeo group launched with the aim of positioning its leading position in the market and improve quality of their services.
On this occasion, the General Director of Cammeo group, mr. Vladimir Minovski said: "Cammeo Group is a company that tracks changes on the taxi market. We are aware that for survival in the market it is necessary to continuously invest in infrastructure and people. Employees are our greatest strength because they are in direct contact with our customers and it is extremely important to be adequately trained for the work that is often exposed to numerous challenges. We have successfully carried out our wealth of knowledge and a ten-year experience in the taxi industry into the program Taxi Academy. Besides we offer a secure job, we provide taxi drivers a comprehensive professional education. We are proud that our company is the first European taxi company that has developed this kind of training program. With this project we confirm our concern for the safety of our employees, but also passengers who using our services hand us their trust."
As a part of the Taxi Academy, most successful taxi drivers of Cammeo group in the last year were presented and rewarded with appropriate honors and awards. The most effective drivers according to the criteria of achieved transportation, passengers and rating of tasks and activities were mr. Miljenko Škegro from Cammeo Taxi Zagreb, mr. Mladen Kukić from Taxi Cammeo Osijek, mr. Drazen Bobšić from Taxi Cammeo Rijeka and mr. Srečko Huđ from Taxi Cammeo Varaždin.