Beer machines presented at the first Croatian food outlet store Žabac

In the first Croatian food outlet shop Žabac was presented a draft beer machine. This project and product was created in cooperation with brewery Daruvar and as the first such in Croatia caused great enthusiasm for the customers.

In cooperation with the Center for Inclusive Work Activities was employed one person with a disability, who will work at a four hour break with a work assistant. The Center for Inclusive Work Activities is a non-profit organization that expands its capacity to engage people with disabilities in society.
Mr. Mario Žamboki, co-owner of the first Croatian food outlet Žabac, emphasized that this innovation was already well received by customers because they showed big interest. Beer is of the highest quality with no preservatives. Once purchased, the packaging can be reused so that it also saves money and helps to preserve the environment. It is currently under negotiation with several domestic craft brewery so it will be soon available in Žabac.
The concept of food outlet is a valued idea that allows you to buy quality products at very low outlet prices and this business story continues to expand.