Artistic gathering and exhibition of visual communication and graphic design has been opened in Rijeka

International artistic expert gathering about visual communications and graphic design has been opened in the organization of Academy of applied arts Rijeka.

This is a first gathering in the series of the experts gatherings which gathers artists and designers from the wider region and European countries for exchange of knowledge and experience, arts and culture. 
According to the programme, their works will present prominent designers: Bojan Hadžihalilović from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tomato Košir from Slovenia and Boris Ljubičić from Croatia. Firstly they will present through lecture given at Faculty of Philosophy and then through expedition which will be held tonight in Gallery Kortil in Rijeka. The exhibition will be opened by the mayor of City of Rijeka, Mr. Vojko Obersnel. 
The three designers, in their work through visual communication, actively include audience and influence the conscience of the observer in uncovering delusions, twisted values, devaluation of morals and clearly send a message through ironical comment of the reality. All three authors are very socially active in local and global community. Boris Ljubičić is especially noticed in changing the identity of Croatia by designing simple squares which have become the recognizable simbol of Croatia worldwide. On the other hand, Bojan Hadžihalilović has during the 90's in Sarajevo recycled war symbolic through posters and postcards from Sarajevo sending a message about personal resistance and ironical comment of war hell and Tomato Košir, comments the reality of slovenian politics and economy in a very attractive illustrative-aesthetic way.
By organizing this event, organizator wants to encourage international regional cooperation for the purpose of cultural and artistic exchange and strengthening of the cooperation with related academies in region. Programme is intended for wide audience, but primarily to teachers and students of the Academy of Applied Arts, arts history, culturology and philosophy.