Announcment of the winners of the Vision City, Vision Manager and PRO PR Infigo Award

A special PRO PR Awards Commission, which is part of the Organizing Board of the PRO PR Conference, announced the names of the winners of the prestigious recognition PRO PR Awards in the categories of Vision City, Vision Manager, and PRO PR Infigo Award.

Given that the acknowledgments in the Vision City and Vision Manager categories are awarded to a city or a manager from the host country of the PRO PR Conference, this year's winners in the mentioned categories are City of Novi Sad, and Andrej Jovanović, General Manager of "Moji brendovi" ("My Brands").
The Vision City Award is awarded to a city whose leadership has recognized the importance of continuous communication management with a goal of achieving positive image and publicity abroad, while the Vision Manager Award is intended for a host country manager who understands the importance of the public relations profession for the purpose of branding, marketing, and promotion of their products and services in the country and abroad.
Last year, there was also a special acknowledgment of the PRO PR Infigo Award, which was directly awarded by the President of the Organizing Board, Danijel Koletić, and was intended for an individual who has, in a special way, contributed to the development of the communications industry. This year's winner of this prestigious award is Marija Vićić, Director of Corporate Communications at the I&F McCann Group.
The Award ceremony will be held on April 13, 2018, at the Hotel Mona in Zlatibor, Serbia, as a part of the 16th PRO PR conference. On that occasion, awards will be given to the remaining 23 winners whose names have been announced early this year, as said from the Organizing Board of the PRO PR Conference and the PRO PR Awards.