Alma Mater Europaea creates leaders!

Alma Mater Europaea University presented its European business studies program with project management course on Thursday, September 10, in the entrepreneurial center HUB Impact Zagreb

A representative of the University Marko Bandelj described in details conditions and methods of studying on business courses established by the European Academy of Science and Arts, and invited all highly educated professionals and entrepreneurs, to improve their knowledge in order to develop new projects, products and services in their start-up companies.
"Entrepreneurs are faced with many challenges from developing ideas, working on the prototype to the product placement on the market in search of the utter buyer. It is necessary to put a lot of effort and knowledge so the project would succeed. The study of project management – European business study enables you to work on the most demanding projects in the private and public sector, "said Bandelj.
Marin Susnjar is an economist from Rijeka who has described his experiences of studying on AME. He graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija and the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb:
"While I studied economy in Zagreb at the state university, I was just another student in line because it is hard for a profesor to devote himself to each student when he has thousands of them. Then I saw an ad on Facebook to study Alma Mater Europaea and I urged for in-depth education in European project management as I already had a certification for Manager of European projects," says Susnjar. Marin was excited about online lectures which helped him to end the study at the Faculty of Economics.
"On AME I learned to make a feasibility study, cost benefit analysis and decision tree. I did not know that these methods are so important and how they are made. It really helped me in my project that concerns the development of rural tourism in the municipality of Klana near Rijeka. The goal of my project is to involve as many stakeholders in the mentioned area, and over a period of five years to urge tourism in this part and Istria, "says Marin.
Young entrepreneurs would recommend to enroll AME because the teachers leading foreign experts, and besides theoretical knowledge gained practical knowledge to practice in Salzburg.
Top program Alma Mater Europaea in the field of European studies and project management offers:
• Online tracking and taking classes with a free iPad for each student
• The international environment of students and lecturers
• Diploma recognized in the European Union
• Speakers, experts and Nobel Prize winner
• Professional practice in Europe – field work in Brussels
• Livestream lectures and access to electronic classroom with all the recordings of lectures
European Business Studies is a two-year graduate study that all Croatian citizens can attend, who have completed undergraduate university or professional study at one of the universities or university of applied sciences and all who have completed a four-year graduate program.
You can become a part of the leading generation already  this October!
                                                            Alma Mater Europaea creates leaders!