„Agro Startup“- investment innovation worth million kunas

At the Agronomic College, University of Zagreb, there was announcement of „Agro Startup“conference intended for the students which will be held on October 25th, 2016. Dean prof. Ph. D. Zoran Grgić and vice president of the association „Land and people“, Danijel Koletić were present at the press conference.

„Agro Startup“will be held on previously mentioned Agronomic College. Organizer of this one day conference is association “Land and people” which organized first agricultural conference “Slavonika” this March. Following “Slavonika”, which gathered over 300 participants, and in collaboration with dean of Agronomic College prof. Ph. D. Zoran Grgić, association organizes “Agro Startup” which has for its goal to encourage young agriculturalists to start their own businesses or startup.
Some of the lecturers which will appear on „Agro Startup-u“ are: prof. Ph. D. Miljenko Šimpraga, Vice Rector for innovation, technology transfer and communications, Jure Mikuž from SCV/ ENIF fund, Krešimir Šimičić from company Agrivi, Jan Marinac, president of Croatian association of young agriculturists Agro, Nino Lulić, director of company Social Wizard and Denis Matijević, director of company Agrofructus.
Company Agrofructus has intended to present project assignment to the students with monetary fund amounting to 100 000 kunas or 1 000 000 kunas. The students (in teams of minimally two) will be able to present their creative solutions on „Slavonika“ next year.  
„Our intention is to develop creativity in students during their schooling and prepare them for entrepreneurial projects, in which a startup company is one of the forms of their realization. „Agro Startup“ conference on Agronomic College in Zagreb is imagined as a place in which after introductory lectures from professors from University of Zagreb and entrepreneurs from professional practice, students form Agronomic, Forestry and Agricultural College will be able to present their entrepreneurship ideas and on the round table lecturers will give them answers about possibilities and probabilities for realizing their projects. „said dean prof. Ph. D. Grgić.
This conference is the step towards the conference of Southeast Europe „Agro Startup SEE“.