After 30 years Beli Manastir finally gets a taxi service

In hotel Patria in Beli Manastir, yesterday was signed the agreement about franchise partnership between the leading Croatian taxi service, Cammeo group and company Drive zone from Beli Manastir

So after thirty years, the citizens of this city in Baranja and its surroundings again have the chance to use taxi service.
The new partner of franchise partnership in Beli Manastir is company Drive zone whose owner is mr. Tihomir Nožina which will employ six staff at the beginning and providing a taxi service with two vehicles in the fleet. The citizens of Beli Manastir will have available the 24 hours service with the drivers Nenad Novković, Goran Lapis, Kristijan Kovačec, Luka Čepić, Andrej Trmpota i Dario Prpić. 
„Starting a taxi service in Beli Manastir is a challenge, but also a brave business move that will surely find the interest of citizens of all ages. Public transport in this moment is not enough for needs of citizens, and its price is too high in relation to the low standard of living so the taxi service is much more affordable to many citizens and that will be a great opportunity for citizens to do their daily activities and tasks with less money and more time. ", said regional director of Taxi Cammeo for Osijek and Baranja, mr. Klaudio Klajn.
Mr. Nožina is also optimistic about starting business in Beli Manastir: „Our citizens for thirty years don't have adequate taxi that could monitor their needs. Now, thanks to this cooperation they will have that opportunity. As an independent taxi operator I would not be able to provide high-quality service, but the partnership with Cammeo group brought me complete equipment, modern technology, well-coordinated team and the constant logistical, marketing and technical support- everything I need to provide clients the best possible service. I look forward to this cooperation and believe it will get me a stable income and a secure life as an independent contractor and probably will open opportunities for new employment. "
Marko Bogalić, deputy mayor of Beli Manastir attended the signing of the contract and said: „The introduction of taxi service in Beli Manastir is of great importance, not only for local community, but also for tourism because more and more tourists are discovering Baranja as a destination“.  City council president, mrs. Jadranka Sabljak pointed out that local authorities support small and medium businesses and that this service will be useful for citizens of suburban areas and villages, which are not well connected with city centre.
Beli Manastir is seventh city in Croatia where Taxi Cammeo operates. Thanks to growing franchise network, Taxi Cammeo employs 700 people and records constant revenue growth.
After Beli Manastir, Taxi Cammeo announces soon opening in Koprivnica.