90 days of Taxi Cammeo in Šibenik

Taxi Cammeo marked 90 days of their work in Šibenik. During past three months, more than 15 000 passengers have been using the services of the most favorable taxi service in Šibenik.

Management of the Cammeo group, at the beginning of this year, as a part of its expansion strategy into new domestic and foreign markets, decided to take this step. After Rijeka, Zagreb, Osijek and Varazdin they have started their franchise business in Šibenik.
"We are extremely proud that the first indicators of our work in Šibenik are very positive and above original expectations. This is a proof that we were able to adjust our prices to the market situation with increasing quality of service. We are encouraged by a good tourist season and we hope to achieve good business results in the coming period. At service, on a daily basis, from 0-24 there are four taxi cars and seven drivers. This month, we are going to engage three new drivers.
We are ready to start the cooperation with the new franchise partners during the upcoming tourist season, if there will be needs for that on the market.
Considering all indicators of growth, it could be in the next 15 days," said director of Cammeo Group, Mr. Vladimir Minovski.
Taxi Cammeo in Šibenik operates through the franchise model, thanks to which the taxi drivers get the ability to manage their own company and the simultaneous use of all available technical, logistical and marketing resources of Cammeo group. Many people from Šibenik increasingly prefer to use Taxi Cammeo to perform their daily activities, because with rising fuel costs, driving with Taxi Cammeo is still the most favorable option for all who require daily use of transport.