3rd national agriculture conference Slavonika

On March 6 2018 was opened 3rd National Agricultural Conference “Slavonika” at the Agricultural Faculty in Osijek. The organizer of the conference is the Ministry of Agriculture, Apriori World agency, supported by the Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as an institutional partner.

  The conference, which motto is Inspiring Agriculture gathered more than 350 participants this year. Along with the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia, the conference opened  the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Tomislav Tolušić who said that constant investments boost the efficiency of domestic agriculture and product quality. ''I think our future is partly in tourism, but much more in the economy, especially in agriculture, especially in Slavonia.''

"Slavonika" is the only national agricultural conference that connects all age and professional groups in the agricultural chain, in accordance with program content. The conference was attended by representatives of ministries, agricultural agencies, institutes, representatives of associations, farmers and representatives of OPGs, academic community, students of agricultural studies, students of agricultural high schools, county and city departments for agriculture and the media.
The president of the organizing board of the conference, Mr. Danijel Koletić  emphasized the great satisfaction with the excellent response of the participants who are willing to hear new ideas and trends in agriculture world, also he announced new national conferences which will be held this and next year, ''Dalmatinka'' and the ''Digital conference'.