On the occasion of the historic anniversary of the 300 years of the battle of Sinj and the Sinjska Alka, Vladimir Vrljic Ankin is preparing an exhibition named “300 YEARS OF SINJ AND IT’S GLORY”

The exhibition is sponsored by the city of Sinj and the part of the exhibition will be exhibited in the main square of Sinj and partly in the Alkarski dom in period of 26 June to 1 September 2015.
The exhibition "300 years of Sinj and it's glory" is the only event that is bound with Sinjska Alka and which takes place parallel with that event. Sinjska Alka is a symbol of love for the place of origin. 
Vladimir Vrljic Ankin is passed love and traditions on the canvas to never forget traditions and love of country. This exhibition, which will be held on open is, at the same time, and opportunity for people that through pictures learn their historic events of their place.  
Many tourists and pilgrims who will visit Sinj in that period will have the opportunity to meet the history of that beautiful town. Besides the cultural and educational aspects, the exhibition of Mr. Vrljić also has a tourist purpose.