1st „AGRO Startup“ – technology and inovation in agriculture

The association „Land and people“, after organizing the 1st agricultural conference „Slavonika“, is organizing a one-day conference on the 25th October at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb under the name „AGRO Startup“

Under their motto „Inspiring agriculture“, the goal of the conference is to connect practitioners, educators and students, introduce the newest trends and experiences of agricultural workers, and also to help young enterprenuers  and students to start their careers in agronomy. 
Along side the association „Land and people“,  the Faculty of Agriculture that is lead by the dean prof. Ph. D. Zoran Grgić will be the coorganizer of the conference.  At the start of the conference the dean of the Faculty of Agriculture will deliver an opening presentation on the topic of „The role of the faculty in creating startups in agriculture“.
The second part of the opening presentaion will be held by the dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Osijek prof. Ph. D. Vlado Guberac.
The first lecture of the conference will be presented by prof. Ph. D. Miljenko Šimpraga, a professor of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University of Zagreb, the provost for inovation, technology transfer and communications. The lecture will be about the role of University in creating startups and how it can help in their beggining.
Mr. Denis Matijević is going to explain what kind of partners are companies looking for and how you can find your place in the job market. Mr. Matijević is the president of the board of AgroFructus, the group that unites companies specialized in the production, purchase, storage and sale of fresh and processed fruit and vegetables.
The next lecture on the subject of „The road from a cooperative to a big group“ will be held by Mirko Ervačić from Osatina grupa. Since Osatina went through the whole process, we could not wish for a better presenter.
The last lecture before the break is going to be „A story of a startup“, held by a representative from the Fragaria company.
The afternoon lectures  will deal with the challenges of Croatian startups in agriculture. Mr. Jan Marinac, the president of the Croatian association of young agriculturist AGRO, will share with us his view on the agricultural startups in practice. After him Mr. Nino Lulić from the company named Social Wizard will speak on the importance of new technologies in the agricultural sector and the impending digitalisation. After that, representatives of HUB385 will held a motivational presentation to young enterprenuers and students, so that they may venture into the exciting waters of the startup world without fear and anxiety.
Next, a panel disscusion will gather a very distinguished group of guests on the subject of „Examples, products and guidelines on new technologies in vegetable crops,  pomology, viticulture and animal husbandry“. As the expert on vegetable crops there will be prof. Ph. D. Nina Toth, for pomology prof. Ph. D. Zlatko Čmelik, viticulture prof. Ph. D. Edi Maletić and animal husbandry prof. Ph. D. Boro Mioč and prof. Ph. D. Ante Ivanković.
The last lecture on the program of „AGRO Startup“ will be „The expectations of student in the mission of developing agriculture in Croatia“ in which will participate the students of the Univesities of Zagreb and Osijek and the students of agricultural high schools.
For the end of the conference the representatives of the Ministry of agriculture will held a lecture in which we will seek the answer to the question „Are the native agricultural products a startup story?“.
See you at the Faculty of Agriculture on the 25th October!