NVDA kratice

Kratice za kretanje po stranici pomoću NVDA alata

Reading Text

← or Numpad 1 Say Prior Character
→ or Numpad 3 Say Next Character
Numpad 2 Say Current Character
Numpad 5 Say Word
Numpad 5 twice quickly Spell Word
Ctrl + ← or Numpad 4 Say Prior Word
Ctrl + → or Numpad 6 Say Next Word
↑ or Numpad 7 Say Prior Line
↓ or Numpad 9 Say Next Line
NVDA + ↑ or Numpad 8 Say Current Line
NVDA + ↑ twice quickly Spell Current Line
NVDA + ↓ or Numpad + Read all starting at current position
Shift + Numpad 7 Top line
Shift + Numpad 9 Bottom Line
Shift + Numpad 1 Start of Line
Shift + Numpad 3 End of Line

Voice Rate

Ctrl + NVDA + ↓ Decrease Voice Rate
Ctrl + NVDA + ↑ Increase Voice Rate
Ctrl + NVDA + ←/→ Change Voice Settings (Inflection, Pitch,etc.)

Headings and Lists

H Headings Quick Key
1-6 Headings level 1-6
L List Quick Key
I List Item Quick Key


T Table Quick Key
Ctrl + Alt + → Cell to Right
Ctrl + Alt + ← Cell to Left
Ctrl + Alt + ↓ Cell Below
Ctrl + Alt + ↑ Cell Above


F Form Quick Key
B Button Quick Key
Enter or NVDA + Space (in a form element)
Enter Forms Mode
NVDA + Space Exit Forms Mode
Tab Navigate to Next form Control
Shift + Tab Navigate to Previous Form Control
Spacebar Select and Deselect Checkboxes
Alt + ↓ Open Combo Box/Jump Menu/Auto-complete Menu
↑/↓ Select Radio Button
↑/↓ or the First letter Select Element in Combo Box
X Checkbox
C Combo Box
R Radio Button
Enter (in forms mode) Submit Form


Tab Jump to next link/form element
K Next link
Shift + Tab Jump to previous link/form element
NVDA + F7 Elements List - lists page links, headings, and landmarks
U Unvisited Link Quick Key
V Visited Link Quick Key

Other Commands

Ctrl + F Search for a word or a phrase
NVDA + 1 Keyboard help
G Next Image
Ctrl + ↑/↓ Previous/Next Paragraph
Q Blockquote
NVDA + F2 Next key you hit ignores NVDA and is a normal Windows key
NVDA + 2 Speaks characters typed
NVDA + 3 Speaks words typed
NVDA + B Reads the entire foreground window (useful for reading a dialog box)
NVDA + T Announces the title of the current foreground window