„GORA – Days of sustainable development“

In the organization of city of Gospić and in cooperation with the Institute ivo Pilar, local dealers and local municipalities, from 27 till 29 of May in Gospić was held a manifestation named „GORA- Days of sustainable development“

The goal of this manifestation was to raise public awareness about the importance of managing economic and social development based on sustainable resources.
The central event of first days was opening of sales and exhibition fair named „Produced Lika“ who gathered leading  Lika producers of healthy food specific for this area. The guests were able to taste the delicacies, try the homemade plumb brandy and other typical products.
In addition with the sustainable development, the revial ride of solar electric cars was held. The cars created high school students from Gospić and Zadar. It was also held a forum which was dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and the use of the bicycle as the preferred way of transport. 
Additional significance of this event is the organization of the traditional 15th scientific conference Annales Pilar, organized by the Institute Ivo Pilar, which brings together leading Croatian scientists. Scientific symposium is „Who is supported by sustainable development?“ includes topics related to problems and perspective of rural areas, the relation of rural and urban in the context of sustainability and sustainable use of natural resources and traditional knowledge in the contemporary context. 
The first days of manifestation of sustainable development ended with a concert of world hits in the Memorial Center Nikola Tesla in Smiljan, where visitors were able to enjoy the acoustic performance of group Meritas and Jelena Radan. 
The second day of manifestation, the exhibition fair gathered many family farms where visitors could taste the ham, bacon, honey, bread and other homemade Lika products. Beside that, it was organized an exhibition of animals with an emphasis on the Lika breeds. A lot of lectures about sustainable development such as urban mobility, plan of the energy efficiency of the city, energy certification and other topics of environmental protection were held. 
But, the main event was a bike ride, after which was held a concert of Gospić orchestra POU "Ante Starčević" and the ensemble of accordionists „Zdrmuša“. The last day of the manifestation was marked by a rich program for children and youth and race Kros Jasikovac in which participated persons of all ages. 
The mayor of city of Gospić, Mr. Petar Krmpotić at the end of the „GORA“ thanked everyone and thus ended a three-day event of rich cultural, artistic, scientific, gourmet and entertainment program.